Camperdown Cruise and Rockerbilly weekend

Over the weekend was the Camperdown Cruise and Rockerbilly festival in south west victoria, its a chance to get home each year and give my parents a hand at running the event. This year was the biggest yet and it was a great weekend, read on for more details.

It certainly is a change of pace to the drifting world that usually takes up my weekends but I enjoy it just as much. The creativity shown in the cars is outstanding, after talking to the owners theres a mix of people who build the cars and those that buy them to be a part of the scene.

From BRIDE buckets to bench seats, its a step back in time.

This Caddy had me dreaming of summer cruising, better get the tape measure out to see if it will fit in the shed.

Parked out the front of Kustom Lanes gallery was good friend Arthurs old Mercury

Mexican roof lining worked well.

But the shifter was the highlight for me!

Red with black wheels works for any car new or old.

Timeless colours and styles.

Saturday night was spent working at the Tiki Bar! Good fun..

3 halls with plenty of bands including international acts, these guys know how to party!

Sundays weather was perfect!

Overall it was a great weekend, it shows that you don’t really have to grow up, if you want live your childhood forever then theres a group of people out there that will quiet happily join you. Im glad my girlfriend and I could lend a hand where needed. I guess next years going to be even bigger so everyone’s looking forward to that.

  1. I wanted to come to this, unfortunately I had some stuff on, Spewin!

  2. How great it is to be diverse! One weekend rockabilly; the next Drift Attack. Wouldn’t be dead for quids……Thanks Nigel for posting these and everyone should keep the 26th – 28th October, 2012 free.

  3. Awesome car shots guys!
    Oh and the one of my darlin’ fiance John helping to flash my undies to the crowd is a winner too haha!


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