Tyre Tech – Whats on the front?

Over the years i have been drifting i have used a lot of different brands and specs of tyres, people always ask me what am i running now and how is working for me? Well here we go.

I am running 215/40/17 Federal 595 RS-R and they are the best feeling tyre i have ever used. Previous to these were Federal 595 Evo in 215/45/17 and before that 215/45/17 Toyo R1R. The RS-R feels a lot like an R1R but the R1R seemed to wear a lot faster than the Federal RS-R. Wet or dry Federal RS-R have been the king of steer tyres for me.

They seem to work with very little heat which is very important in drifting as you normally spend a fair bit of time waiting in line for your next run.

They are relatively cheap for a motorsport tyre, they are availiable in a stack of sizes (try finding a 40 profile 17 in other brands!)

You can contact Wheeltech to arrange a pair.

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  1. thanks for this! i wish there was more focus on front tires in drifting. they often seem overlooked, compared to the rear tire reviews.

  2. How do you find your front tyre wear and how much camber do you run?

    I have been struggling to get some Idea on what kind of wheel allignment settings everyone uses for track cars. Thanks

  3. Just bought a pair for steerers and will be testing this weekend 😀

  4. I can also vouch for RS-R’s. They are some of the best tires I’ve owned, and I’ve had just about everything on the market over the years. They grip incredible in the rain, and the dry traction is hard to match with any street/track tire. They run a little wide so for those selecting tires for precise fitment you may want to run a size under.


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