Tyre Tech – Whats on the front?

Over the years i have been drifting i have used a lot of different brands and specs of tyres, people always ask me what am i running now and how is working for me? Well here we go.

I am running 215/40/17 Federal 595 RS-R and they are the best feeling tyre i have ever used. Previous to these were Federal 595 Evo in 215/45/17 and before that 215/45/17 Toyo R1R. The RS-R feels a lot like an R1R but the R1R seemed to wear a lot faster than the Federal RS-R. Wet or dry Federal RS-R have been the king of steer tyres for me.

They seem to work with very little heat which is very important in drifting as you normally spend a fair bit of time waiting in line for your next run.

They are relatively cheap for a motorsport tyre, they are availiable in a stack of sizes (try finding a 40 profile 17 in other brands!)

You can contact Wheeltech to arrange a pair.