ETS Drift Ute – Tube or die!

Before I built the tube front end reinforcement I toyed with the idea of just buying a Toyota rad support, they were cheap, everything will clip in as per factory and life would be simple for me. But no, it just wouldn’t suit the overall theme of the build. Here is some pics that show how everything will go together.

Im very glad the front valance is such a cheap item to replace, the plastic sits just 65mm off the ground and will be slowly ground away with ripple strips next year.

Ill have some news coming next week about an inlet manifold, an off the shelf item just wouldnt cut it so keep an eye out for it next week. Its time to start shopping for an intercooler and radiator, the original idea for a rear mounted radiator has now been ditched, with the amount of plumbing needed for it the gains in having weight mounted rearward wont be worth the effort.