ETS Drift Ute – Another week at work!

Whats been happening in the shed this week? Well read more to find out.

The engine mounts are done, after a lot of measuring and triple checking that the motor sat exactly where I needed it. The idea of an engine plate has been ditched for rubber insulation.

Internal sleeves tapped M8 run into the chassis utilising the factory Hilux holes.

Further body mounts run off the pillars, I will be making the windscreen support and firewall top section once I get a windscreen.

The last gearbox mount was a work of art and incorporated the hydro handbrake, since the engine was rubber mounted the gearbox had to be as well. Now to remake the hydro handbrake bracket.

The next thing on the list is the full rear subframe that will tie on the entire rear end. Its something I have taken inspiration from motocross bikes. Ive welded tabs in 6 positions, 2 on the bars that run up into the cab, 2 on the rear cradle mounts and 2 on the floor section that extends out of the cab. The entire rear subframe will be 1″ tube and will be removed with 6 bolts. All this will be carefully drawn so that it will be easy to remake if the wall tap does severe damage.

Ive ordered all the front end panels and now need to start shaping the rear fenders, im starting from scratch with the rear fenders as the guy who took on the job has become too busy to fit me in. Time to learn a thing or two about FRP moulding.

  1. Awesome progress

  2. Been following this since the beginning and its coming along so bloody awesome. Keep up your awesome work Nige!

  3. Do share info bout FRP mouldings…
    Been interested in it for quiet some time…
    Ur work is an inspiration.

  4. amazing work! love reading this, check it daily to see whats new! cant wait to see the finished product!

  5. i agree with anthony! i check this every day to see what is new!

    so stoked you ended up rubber mounting the motor and box! you made the right choice there man.

    quick question, where are you planning on running the exhaust? or am i real blind/have missed something on that front?

  6. what will be your next project? SR powered Tarago drift car?

  7. This thing and your fab work continues to be a massive inspiration!!
    The picture from grip shift slide is now my desktop wallpaper and everyone that see’s my computer is amazed!
    keep it up Nigel!

  8. Amazing work mate!

    You should post your luxy on my new truckin site I made.

  9. The dude who let you down with the rear fenders would feel like a fool!?


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