ETS Drift Ute – Whats the latest?

With a trip to Sydney under its belt its back to work on the ETS drift ute, so whats the latest? Read on

Tried Josh Cootes old 18×11 Work rims on to check inner clearances, with 265s all round it looks pretty agressive!

I guess i fluked the amount of bend i needed in the caster rods! Perfect!

I turned up some tube ends to finish off the front bolt on support! The 30 degree angle has a matching bolt on female adapter that will integrate the front end, its all about being able to remove a damaged front bar support if needed!

  1. looks great with the meister’s in that colour.

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Run the meisters when it is finished…

  3. ahhh Yep… love it.. indeed also those wheels are super cool.. caster rod was bent Perfect !!!
    congratulations on from what i hear a very successful weekend away in Syd..

  4. I just love how this looks without a tray on it – the stumpy IRS rear end and everything. Awesome work man

  5. wow PLEEEEEEEEASE run those meisters


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