180SX – Strapped in for fun..

Thanks to dorifuto for the pic, last week was fairly turbulent for me, i was stuck with certain aspects of the Ute build and i felt like i was going nowhere fast. I had a look at the calendar and the next drift day was the 11th of September, so i quickly entered and i now have something to look forward to. Sometimes you need to just shut up and drive, there’s just nothing like a day out drifting, exactly what the doctor ordered!

  1. Hey Mate,

    Is the car sorted since WTA?

    Did you work out what the problem was???

  2. Glad you like it Nigel. See you at Calder Park !

  3. Any chance the ute will be at winton on display?

    Fair keen to see it.

  4. Head out for a motard session man. good ride always reminds ya whats more important in life…..FUN


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