ETS Drift Ute – Moving on

This time next week ill be loading two cars and heading up the highway for WTAC, the problem is i only have 1 trailor and the one pictured above is not it (although i wish). Im after an enclosed trailor to take the ETS drift ute to Sydney, why enclosed? Because theres places i dont want moisture to get in or on before paint. If you have any leads then help would be much appreciated, if i had the room id build one but that will have to wait for next year.

  1. then whos trailer is that?! Lol, looks sick, or is the logo a photo shop job? Wish i coild help with the situation man :/

  2. wish I could see you there. Your weapons are epic

  3. Dear god… :O

    Who built that trailer? I want his number.

  4. How bout a feature on that rig? Is it on air?

  5. try contacting one of the VIC teams that are going up im sure someone has an enclosed trailor with some room

  6. hey, i work for a company here in south Aus building trailers

    have a look at what we do, we have a duel axle tandem trailer we are trying to sell at the moment fully enclosed, whats the width of the 180 ? the trailer was made to fit a wingless sprint.


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