ETS Drift Ute – Front end assembly

Ever tried typing with one eye? Thats what im doing after a trip to my doctor, they had to scrape metal from my cornea and now im stgruggling to make it back out to the shed! Ill turf my safety glasses and start using my MX goggles from now on, anyway heres some insight into what it takes to get the front end assembled, read on.


After the chassis was all welded up it was time to re-assemble the front end and get it rolling for WTAC

First things first, the rack slides in its clamps and is held via 4 M8 bolts

Next the ETS knuckles and MCA struts get screwed into place

Now time for the caster rods and LCA

The notched out S15 ETS modded LCA help the amount lock  

Once the LC arms are on the threaded M12 welded bungs in the cross tube afix with the caster rod bolts

The “double shear” caster rod mount

With the bolts in the cross bar the fron ends finished off, the cross bar will incorperate the engine mount tubes which would have been made if i had two working eyes.

The rear end is pretty self explanitary, just bolt the S15 cradle in and the rest is as per S15 specs. After WTAC ill be doing full tubular arms, but until then a nice shiney freshly painted S15 setup will do.