180SX – BRAE Manifold complete

With most of the last month spent working up at MCA headquarters in queensland it was good to get back to the 180SX and prepare it for todays film session at Calder Thunderdome. Brenton from BRAE Auto Fabrication has made my life a lot easier by supplying me with a Steam Pipe manifold sitting my TD06 in the same position as the cracked up Stainless Trust unit it replaces. Brenton paid special attention to the flow into the collector and im excited to feel and hear its gains over the old one. Stay tuned for more updates from today!

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  1. Im glad too see that it finally fitted up dude haha

  2. Im glad too see it finally fitted up dude haha

  3. That intake wouldnt happen to be made from an alloy driveshaft would it? I used to work for Dana who make the ford driveshafts n made up a few for friends..


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