ETS Drift Ute – The rear guards

Apologies for the crappy phone pics but I have been working on the rear quarter panels the last couple of nights. Read on for more.

I have been thinking about how the hell i was going to shape the rear quarters, i came up with an idea to start getting the shape down in metal then moulding it with foam and filler to get the right shape. The inner tub donated its inner tubs for the start of the new shaped guards.

Once they sat against the tub sides i could measure how much further to bring the guard out and then trim the sheetmetal to suit.

With the outers tacked in place they measure another 80mm wider than factory, which will allow a 11inch wide wheel with an offset of around +5. I love the look of tread hanging out the bottom of the guard so i wanted the factory guards to be retained from the middle of the arch down, this will mean the guard shape will cut back into the factory line and retain the factory moulding of the guards.

Now to shape the outer fender to have a flowing look to it, something that will enhance the factory lines of the hilux, i will be cutting the radius of the fender another 40mm higher so there is less tuck than a typical minitruck. Once its all shaped then its time to take a mould for FRP panels.

So now it can accommodate 18×11+5, i think ill be shopping for some new rims…….

  1. bad ass, way to recycle pieces of the origonal bed and still make it look good. are you going to pull a mold and make fiberglass or maybe even carbon bedsides or keep em steel?

    • Ill be making a mould then having FRP panels, i dont think there would be a need for carbon as it will be white.

  2. New wheels. Yes.

    Any thoughts? Go some old school 15×11 SSR’s for maximum awesome.

    • That would be crazy! Hoping for 18x11s 🙂

  3. gt500 te37’s. 18×13 in a normalish offset. centerlock.

  4. This is the first and possibly only thing you have done that I can honestly say I don’t just dislike, I hate. But, that being said, I am sure you will turn it into a masterpiece!

    I would have definitely weighed up tacoma pre runner fenders and body sides from the states, they are far wider with higher arches.


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