ETS Drift Ute – Hanging Panels

I built a frame to hang the rear tub sides off to gain an idea for the width increase needed, it measured 70mm each side, now to figure out how to extend the wheel arches 70mm in a fashion that wont interrupt the factory lines.

  1. can you curve the whole guard from front to back i.e ) to gain the wheel clearance then just redo the top edge so it looks like a strait line on the inside of the tray area

  2. do your neighbours have any idea how much of a gun you are?? hahaha

    • They probably just get pissed off with the noise…

      Also, Nigel, please run it without the panels every so often.

      Oh, by the way, are you planning to get it rego’d?


      PS: Stop the span protection, cause there are 4 types of people in the world. Some of us can count, some of us can’t. The third type is the extraterrestrial being known as Nigel Petrie.

  3. I do believe the bosozoku use large sheets of metal and just pop rivet them on.. I swear it’ll look standard..

  4. i love what you are doing

    i can’t wait to see it sideways for the first time

    incase you haven’t seen it already check out this link

    you are doing similar to what a big workshop is doing but out of a single garage lol… Awsome stuff


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