Mikes FD3S – A closer look

Lets face it, if you want to be competitive in drifting then you need bulk HP, the easy way is either turbocharging, supercharging or the raw cubes of a V8, for Mike Whiddet its always been about rotaries. Whats the loudest most amazing sounding car you can think of? For me its Mikes FD3S Mazda 26B NA.

You want to hear what this sounds like?

The office is all business with everything needed within reach.

Mike loves his carbon vinyl wrap, its everywhere!

Heres where things go mental. I could go on forever with the stats but you could just visit his site

The new inlet looked huge

Mike certainly gets the crowds going! Watch this interview here

More Carbon vinyl wrap on the helmet

Overall its an amazing package, just wait for it to tear up Eastern Creek this coming august at the Tectalloy Drift Challenge

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