Federal Tyres – Thumbs Up

Having Federal tyres on board over the weekend was a massive boost, i can honestly say i wouldnt have been able to do it without them, the tyres held up much better than i had expected and the grip levels were better than anything i have tried, in the past theres been a rumor about the 18 inch delaminating but i experianced none of this. I was running the 595SS in a 235/40/18 on the rear and 595EVO 215/45/17 up front.

  1. Good to see you are liking the federals, I too run the 595EVO all round on my PS13.


  2. How do you like the evo’s? i just put a pair on the front of mine but haven’t tested yet

    • I think they are good Bry, they move a little more than the R1R which smooths out some steering mistakes and allows more angle, a better match for the 595SS on the rear

  3. Cool thanks! Should be good then, especially since I used to run 595ss on front hahaha

  4. nigel,

    do u think 45 series is too “tall” up front? or a good match for the 40 rear. i run a 215/45-17 feddy up front and am thinking about changing sidewall and/or height.



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