ETS Drift Ute – Just another Saturday

Today was a busy day, i headed out to G Works custom cycles last night to pick up another 6 meters of tube my good friend Luke ordered in for me and then the rest was a blur, read on for a day in the life of ETS.

It started at 9am with a trip to the local Bunnings store to grab a new drill, not having room for a pedastool drill cirtainly takes it toll on the hand held power drill, ive been through a few of them now. Better keep that reciept! Breakfast consisted of two snags thanks to the fundraiser stall they run at the local bunnings store!

Brenton who is the master of manifolds at BRAE Fabrication took a drive from Shepperton to set up a manifold jig to start on a custom manifold for the turbo, dont mind the hole in the block, this motors just for measurements. Ill be running a TD06 like i do an all the other cars, i love the simplicity, compactness, power productivity and the fact they are nearly perfect for a stock SR20 with some aftermarket cams. Thanks for your help Brenton!

The new strut tops are tacked in and im quiet happy with them, the MCA struts now have enough adjustability to fine tune the suspension.

Then i made up a steering coloumn support out of 24.5mm tube and sat a steering wheel on to try the position.

After sitting the Bride bucket seat back in i was happy with where the steering wheel sat, nice low and just past my knees with bent elbows. Theres about 500mm of headroom in this!


With a stack of work still to go ill keep motoring on and hopefully it wont be too long till it rolls out on its own wheels.

  1. Looks great nige!
    Keep up the great work mate.
    Glad to see the utes picking up momentum again!|

    And if im not mistaken thats the steering wheel you originally had on the s13?

  2. coming together nice mate.

    just dont lose interest or faith!
    alot of people are waiting to see this in action!!

  3. u shoulda welded the jig on the bottem of the flanges do he could make it with them in tack. …. looks like the one i sent up to him hahha …..

    blue is a good bloke …. just make sure u give him shit about being a ranger .. ask if he gets rangry hahha

  4. I saw this ute in the flesh today for the first time and was amazed how well you have done in such a small workshop. Hats off to you. It looks like you got a bit more done since I was there.
    Its not a jig, just a dummy to hold the flanges in place. A proper solid jig will be made up before I start the manifold.


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