ETS Drift Ute – Fuel Tank

The fuel tanks in, cross another job off the list.

  1. Cool! What did the capacity end up being, and did you overcome the baffle problem you were trying to work out?

    • Its about 35litres so plenty of capacity.

  2. great work,, Looking great man !! so looking forward to it all coming together !

  3. i no its being padantic but wouldnt it be better to be in the centre of the tray or is it there as there will be some equaly heavy on other side like yourself, btw awsum work man and ul hav a new level of competition to beat in vic soon enough he he ket the fab battle begin lol

  4. Where’d you get the tank or did you make it yourself? Interested in something very similar. I’ve been considering modifying a scuba tank, but the things are so heavy to withstand 3000psi and I’m not sure what material they’re made from and if I could weld one safely.



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