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Theres a dominating force in the D1NZ scene and it goes by the name of Gaz Whiter.

Can you believe that Gaz and his father Tony have won the D1NZ championship 4 times in a row? It hasnt all been smooth sailing with the 400+kw SR you see above needing constant attention (read removing the motor overnight at a lot of rounds)

Gaz fought hard right up to the final 4 where he was beaten by his rival Curt, Curt had to win the event to take the championship away from Gaz so it was fitting they battled of against each other in the top 4.

You can see more info on Gaz’s website

I dont think there was a face at D1NZ Hampton Downs that didnt have a smile on it during the award ceremony, with Gaz and his family going through some hard times leading up to this event it was great to see a smile on his face.

So whats left to do after you win the championship 4 times in a row?

You put on a victory burnout for everyone to remeber for a long time, Gaz must have started with plenty of tread because he just kept at it for a long time till.

The tires were finished and with that the overfenders and pretty much the whole side of the car, I was standing next to Gaz’s father Tony at the time and he just shook his head after the explosion, i cheered and so did the other 1000 people! Congrats to Gaz and father Tony for all their hard work and persistance, we look forward to having them in Ausrtralia for the World Time Attack Tectalloy drift challenge.

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