Hill Climb Machinery

Your bound to see a bit of everything at hill climb meetings, with pretty much anything allowed to run then theres a good chance you will see something you like. This open wheeler running a 4AG 20V Supercharged dry sump setup was music to my ears, read on for plenty more.

I just loved the classic styling, the riveted alloy sheet, the sharp lines and the low key colours.

This AE86 was also a neat and fast runner, it looked to be straight out of japan with bride interior trims, bolt in cage, Moto spec exhaust, FRP hatch and a host of other neat additions.

The sound of an L series screaming up a mountain was music to my ears.

Dare i say this RX7 was a little overpowered for the mountain? It was fast really fast but also a little loose, would have been a fun ride in this thing.

This R32 GTR was parked in the carpark which was dissapointing, it was wearing TOYO R1R’s which i thought would be the tire of choice for the 30 second run up the hill.

Overall its a good fun laid back motorsport that anyone can do.

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  1. I’m good mates with Glenn who owns that FD; he’s won a national hill climb title in it – so it’s certainly quick enough!


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