ETS Drift Ute – With knowledge brings reworks

This project has to be one of the steepest learning curves i have ever undertaken in my life. Coming into this build i always looked at tube frame cars as a dream, something far beyond what i ever thought was achievable with my situation. Starting the year with a goal to accumulate the tools and skills necessary to complete such a project i never thought i would be learning the amount i have.

Its a life lesson to look at every project as multiple small projects, the problem is you learn so much from these small projects that each one finished brings new skills and ideas on how to do the rest better. This makes you look at what you have completed with different eyes, eyes that have learnt and discovered theres a better way.

So with these eyes i look at my project and know it could be better done, i redid the floor (not pictured) reworked the front end and decided to start with another motor/ steering/ gearbox setup. I will be building a drag car like engine plate with adapter intergrated to mount the RB25 gearbox/ motor combo to the chassis at the firewall. There will be no front x member as such and the steering rack mounts forward of the sump.

The motor is a lot lower and further back this time, this makes the engine plate part of the firewall and makes the motor and box combo slide out through the front when needing to be removed. Overall this setup will improve handling, reduce weight and make everything a whole lot easier to work on. I love the SR motor and will be sticking with it 100%. The finish date has blown out but i am a lot happier and confident the finished product will be much better than what i had dreamed of.

  1. Glad to see you’re sticking with the SR. It will be a weapon at the track. Light weight nimble and nice and stiff so it responds to set up changes the way it should.

  2. Should stiffen the mounting of the motor + box up massively. Amazing perseverance Nigel. Issues like an Architect designing his own house. Someone should chuck this in CAD and run a test on the loads through the frame.

  3. you never cease to amaze Nige! awesome thinking on the engine plate, will definatley tighten the whole thing up. i can definately understand with the rebuilding as you get new ideas. every time I did something on the build of mine you would realise a better or stronger way of doing the same task

  4. this shits crazy man, love the thread and the work! 10 thumbs up!!

  5. nice work, i was wondering how the car would handle with so much weight being so high ie centre of gravity since lowering body around drivetrain. This will be heaps better. Makes heaps of sense.

    Have you looked into chassis flex testing yet? That way you can add bars in where it’s most important.

    Amazing work anyway love seeing the progress


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