Encounters of the RE kind

Ive been in the car scene a long time, in high school i would read magazines to get my fix, back then i lived in the country and i didnt even know about internet.

I would ride my bmx to the newsagents to see if any new mags were in. I always bought New Zealand Performance Car magazine and would read about everything they built, it focussed on some really hardcore well built cars and i was drawn to them. Through this magazine i came across Mike Whiddett, a man whos passion was rotaries and super tough ones at that, i still have all those magazines that feature his early wagons to his latest cars.

It was a great moment to meet the man in the flesh and the see the FD in all its glory, a ten year dream was now reality. Mike has built this car to blow people away, everything is maximised, it has so much presence and appeal that your just drawn to it.

What a great ambassador for drifting, to see the car, the man, the team in the flesh was a great moment. Its something i wont forget for a while.

  1. Damn! Lucky bastard. Good to see you’re having fun in NZ.

  2. Silly dope fresh in the flesh shit..

  3. such a dope car , cant wait to see it at world time attack in august


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