Darrens 2JZ C35 Laurel

I was so close to purchasing a C35 Laurel before my Japan trip last year, i couldnt find anything i liked and since then the C35 has had me hooked. Darrens C35 was something a little different running a 2JZ motor.

Actually hitting the clipping points makes for fit officials.

Darren blasted through qualifying with great runs

Running a full cage and stripped internals, its all business in here.

If it aint needed it aint there!

Darren took out a well deserved 2nd place, you will be seeing a lot from him in the future im sure!

  1. good guy with an awesome car, he will be one to watch next year

  2. The dude’s name is Chris Howard, Nigel!

  3. Whoops. Wrong post haha.

  4. Wooohooo ! Bring on next season , hes gonna bring it home ! =)


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