D1NZ – JT telling it how it is

You would be hard pressed to find a more traveled knowledgeable individual in drifting than the man above, I met Jairus ‘JT’ Wharerau in 2006 at the Drift Nationals Calder Park, having always followed the NZ scene he was my international idol. Unlike some of my homegrown idols at the time he was approachable and willing to give you the time of day.

He always piloted the best looking cars and his setup knowledge was matched by his skill behind the wheel. It was great to meet up with JT some 5 years on and watch the series he helped shape, he now MCs the D1NZ events and does a great job of informing the crowd on whats happening. Looking forward to seeing what the future of international drifting holds for JT. All the best and great to catch up!

  1. his fd3s was the first d1nz car to do a 10sec 400m pass

  2. Remember him at calder in the rb26 ceffy back in the day – nice guy!


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