ETS Drift Ute – The Reworks

With rain on the horizon i had to work fast, heres some pictures from tonights efforts.

Thanks to my girlfriend who helped remove the shell. I love the look of the chassis.

She wasnt up to the task of removing the chassis off the jig so my good friend Greg came over, cheers mate.

The good thing is the chassis wont have to be reworked.

So this is the part thats being scrapped, the entire floor will be redone over the next week, at the end of the day i could have fixed it but it was easier to start from scratch. For the sake of $100 worth of steel id rather do it properly.

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  1. What was wrong with it?

  2. lol reading the blog backwards doesn’t help. How annoying.

  3. The second pic is brutal! Love the tubeframe 🙂
    To bad you couldn’t keep the front part.

  4. Good work Nigel! Keep it up bud

  5. Looks vicious! Drive it with no shell.

  6. Keep it up mate! your a true inspiration, just got to keep moving forward

  7. nuts mate… absolutely NUTSSSSSSS

  8. Did you have the rims dipped or do they come in that finish?

  9. Damn man you are putting in WORK


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