ETS Dtrift Ute – Getting ready for Weld Festival

46 meters of tube has been added to make a complex, rigid and strong chassis that will be the backbone of this creation. Theres still a few meters to go but i can see the finish line!

I try and add as many triangles as possible every where i add a bar, within each triangle is tonnes of rigidity and strength. Im starting to set my new TIG welder up and get test welds Xrayed so i know that this will be strong. Its going to be a massive task welding all of this.

Next week will see the start of the welding process, ill be welding all of the “vital” bars first and then setting up a rottiserie to do all the intricate welds. The Jig will transform into a rolling rottiserie that will be also used in the painting and fitting out process. 

The front bars that run diagonal from the dash bar to the front strut supports sits very low and close to the inlet manifold, im going to run a hypertune CNC plenum on the S15 engine and make up a custom K frame and sump to get the motor a lot lower so everything sits under the bar work. The turbo will be a low mounted setup and im starting to lean towards a PAR S15 gearset to sit in the original caseing.

Where to from there? well its then time to start hanging the rear panels, making up the full rear undertray to create downforce, an intergrated high HP fuel delivery system thats all contained intank and the list goes on and on.

This is a full time job ontop of my day job, the months are ticking away and the deadlines insight, better get cracking!