ETS Drift Ute – The Front Bar Work

The front tube work is finally taking shape, after running out of tube my new order has arrived and its full steam ahead.

In a couple of nights the tube work will be semi complete and ready for final welding, theres still 13m of tube to go.

I almost cut the entire floor and tunnel out to start again from tube but ill save that for the next project, its simply amazing how much you learn from simply taking action to reach dreams. People sit on the couch thinking “i could never do that”  i went for a $10,000 bank loan 8 years ago to get a workshop to fit an SR20 in my Escort RS2000 and now something like that would be a walk in the park compared to fitting an SR20 into a car 100% constructed from ground up! I never did get an SR in that Escort, but i wouldnt mind it back again.