Matsuri Part 2 – Action on Nishi

In the last Matsuri post we looked at some cars at the Nishi pits, now its time to see some in action. Remember this is only 1 hour into the Matsuri and theres another 35 hours of action to get through.

I hope the quantity of the matsuri coverage makes up for the quality, the G10 isnt the best for action shots.

Straight pipes meant everyone noticed when this Boso toyota came out to play.

Love the drivers attitude and postion, its a reflection on how easy going matsuri is.

This Laurel looked amazing, true matsuri car!

The straight is long and wide, the cars scream down and initiate the slide a long way back.

Into a tightning right hander that opens up and switches into a left hand hairpin. Again the fact of me spectating and not driving hit home, how id love to drive this track!

The dirt wall on the outside of turn 1 took its toll, best recovery car ever?  

There wasnt a lot of damage on the R32 as the wall was softened by many before it.

Thats it for the first hour of Matsuri, still so so so much more to come!

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  1. What Toyota sedan is that ?


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