Matsuri Part 1 – A walk around Nishi

Now to get stuck into Matsuri coverage, Part 1 takes us down the hill and past the skidpans to look at what Nishi pits had to offer, the photo above is Jhon in his S13 rolling up the hill to take on the other tracks Ebisu had to offer.

I wasnt sure how to post up all these photos so i figured ill just roll it all out how i took it.

Aero is safer left in the pits

Theres one drama when it comes to 36 hours of drifting, the sheer amount of tyres and wheels you need to bring, if you dont want to be changing tyres then you need a heap of prefitted rubber and a heap of cool wheels. These guys have it sorted.

Nishi housed the coolest cars by far!

No cage and a helmet that was as safe as an ice cream container, thats Matsuri for you! Love it!!

This FC just oozed cool!

This S14 wasnt far behind it.

86s and concave small TEs just work!!

Taxi turned driftcar!

So so so cool!

CR Kais are killer in gunmetal!

Stepping things up another notch!

Notice the massaged strut towers for control arm clearance at this height.

Simply perfect, lots of room for spare tyres aswell.

Big toyotas where everywhere

With big single Trust Turbines!

Red bride for the driver, stuff the passenger!

The Equips suit the new cooler!

The carbon intake is different.

Cool spares are everywhere!

Such a neat EVO

Nishi seemed like a great place for a good nights sleep! Part 2 will follow with much much more Matsuri Action

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  1. awsome, i cant get enought of drift cars in the mountains. (Closet hippi with a love for nature, but also drift) so for me driving these cars amonst the tree’s is somehow deeply appealing (first pic), as apposed to your usual city style backdrops etc. Keep it up cheers

  2. I need Bride fixed-backs in my life


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