ETS Drift Ute – Tube warfare!

Well its finally started, the backbone of the ute drift ute will be meters and meters of tube that tie everything into to make it rigid, light and strong. After finally getting it home in the back of the ute the action starts. Heres what a lazy Saturday at my place looks like.

I made this tube bender with pure hard work, i always think about the hard times ive been through all my builds and it always revolves around money, with hard work, thought and a lot of patiance you can achieve just about anything. The money saved here is incredible.

The back bone of the chassis is the main hoop, this is the first tube i have ever bent myself and it was a piece of cake, now i can go onto the rear cradle pick up points and then im well on the way to this being a roller.

The sheds copped another clean out with a new bench setup in the rear, theres not much room so every little bit counts. With the tools to now go full steam ahead on the chassis work im getting excited. So much work and thought goes into this project, every single thing will be done by my own two hands, after every solid day i work on this im absolutely stuffed, that first lap steering it will be epic though.