ETS Drift Ute – Notching the tube

I made these tools with the intention of making bar work easy, i didnt relise it would change my life though. As with all metal work the right tool makes the job quicker, easier and neater. My intention with this build is to gain skills, gain tools and end up with a hand fabricated race car from concept to track in around 6 months. Its exciting to say the least, with a deadline set and an interstate unveiling its full steam ahead!

  1. You never cease to amazing with what you can make nige..
    Keep at it dude, insperational to say the least..

  2. ready for drift supercup ?:)

  3. You are awesome man.. A car, a notcher and a bender made from scratch.. Thats whats up

  4. here nigel i spotted this vid its got some good footage of chromoly cage building for a drift car

    8:15 into it he starts the cage

  5. Looks good as always! You should mount a degree wheel on the notcher to make the process a little quicker.

  6. Wow would love to see more shots of notcher and of course where’s the pic’s of the bender, love your work, it’s just pure metal art.


  7. I doubt you’ll see this, but if you do, any chance of some pictures of the tube bender?

    I work as a fabricator and im fedup of not having all the tools I want but cant afford 🙁


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