Winton Raceway – The cars in the pits

In this post we will have a look at the cars in the pits at winton, in particular this pair of skylines.

This is Krish’s R32 Skyline, its one of those cars thats built with taste.

After returning from Japan i was stoked to see a car prepared like this one, it was like taking a step back to Japan.

This is Brocks R32, a contrastingly different car to Krish’s R32, opting for the factory body and concave faced Weds SA-70 rims.

The Street Dancer sticker looks right at home, these cars get used!! The drive to Winton from Melbourne isnt the easiest, the Police will defect these cars if they see them at all on the highway.

Logitech speakers ziptied to the cage were a brilliant idea!! Makes the two hour drive that little bit easier with sound.

Big toyotas and 19s go well together!

Keeping the JZX theme running is this 100, looks so good with a touch of damage and old school AVS rims.

Steve Kae had his 100 at Winton aswell, like he has done all year he was roasting tyres and driving like a mad man. Hes stepped up this year and i look forwadr to seeing him do battle next year.

To finish we have this S1580, its so hard to make these look right but this is on the money!!

  1. Brillant R32s.
    The picture of the JZX100 and Model 6s looks like something straight out of japan, awesome.

    • Hell yes, thats why i took that pic!! So cool

  2. I’m really digging those Skylines. The silver one is totally my style. What would they have been defected for? How do they drive around if they get defected so easily?

    • Mike in Aus the police hold all the cards, some just hate cars that look good. For instance they would probably deem these cars too unroadworthy to drive forcing the driver and car to be tow trucked home. Its a sad state we live in and taking its toll on our scene. Krish and Brock are doing there thing to keep it alive!!

  3. Those R32’s are super cool.

  4. Finally an s1580 that doesn’t look ricey and homo. Super clean, well done (just needs another inch of low in the front imo)

  5. ah man i love that black skyline! does he have a blog or anything?


  7. Nice shots buddy, I didnt even see anyone taking photos. The front was intially alot lower but too due to front bumpers being ripped off too easy i had to raise it.

    Both 32s look awsome. tasteful JDM

  8. Faaarkkk that Silver 32 looks the goods. Dats all baby girl

  9. desktops of 1 and 2?


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