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I really like this one, my tire has been making a home for itself in the guards all year. Hers some photos from the event 2 weeks ago.

Power down and speeding out of the corner!

Gripping the corner on to the fast section, usually roll through in 3rd gear looking up ahead to see if its clear, once its clear its a drag race into a 4th gear flick. So much fun!!

  1. Sounds fun. Could you mount a plate in the guard to prevent the fg ripping? or is it just a fact of life for the lowness.

    • Id rather wear out the guard than the tire, FRP guards are cheaper than R1R tyres 🙂

  2. IIm stealing the first image love it and your description. keep the updates of the ute coming.

  3. only think i dont like about this new blog is that we can click the pics..

    1st shot looks so rad.

    • *thing


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