Japan Day 8 – Ikeya Formula

The street drift session the night before D1SL ran all night and i drove all the way to Tsukuba. I was feeling a little flat so a quick snooze on the grass during practice kept me going. After D1SL we headed north to Nihonmatsu the town we were staying at for 7 nights. Now after talking with Manabu Matsumori at Wonder we were invited to Nikko circuit for a JZX invitational day. Only problem was we had 9 people, 2 hire cars and only 2 people wanting to go to Nikko. After dropping everyone off at Ebisu we headed back down the highway to Nikko or atleast thats where we thought we were heading.

Before the japan trip i mapped out a rough guide of things to do and see, i doubt we would of seen much if i didnt. I really wanted to go to Ikeya Formula because that company has been my favorite for so long. Long story short i stuffed up some addresses and we arrived at Ikeya Formula instead of Nikko Circuit.

I dont know why but for some reason i didnt take too many photos, Casey and i walked into the office and introduced ourselves to the staff, the President of the company quickly came out to greet us followed by his wife. It was such a pleasure to meet a person who i have looked up to for many years. They were truely the nicest people and i was on cloud nine.

Being a fabricator i was blown away by this shop, the amount of CNC machinery and hardware they had lying around was mind blowing.

Heres the President of Ikeya (his last names Ikeya) showing us a paddle shifted S2000, simply amazing. They were to show us a lot of very interesting things that morning and we asked where Nikko circuit was, luckily it was 15 minites away and we left for the track. I would return that afternoon then again in two days time as there was something very special to me to take a look at, a lot lot more news on that to come!!

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