Japan Day 11 – Time Attack on East Course

After spending most of the morning watching drifting on School course i headed down to have a look at some time attack on East course.

East course is a long flowing fast track that is favoured by grip vehicles. This is where the majority of non drift cars will be, you can still drift here but theres cirtain session times when you cant, its reserved for time attack.

There were 2 S15s lapping very quickly on thursday, first up was this Pewter S15. Modified in a typically japanese street/ sprint way it had all the vital upgrades to be fast, balanced and relaible.

If your wondering where that front lip comes from its a Garage MAK item, Garage MAK are famouse for their quality FRP and Carbon items for S15s. 

I may be in a minority but if your going to rock a wing this big you need wider fenders, it looks a little “underfed” from the rear.

See what i mean? This S15 also wore a lot of Garage MAK FRP and Carbon gear. The rear over fenders are imediatly recognisable. The diffuser, wing and overfenders all complement each other and provide the S15 with such a manacing look.

Out of all the times i was at Ebisu hurting to just drive something this was probably the worst. All i could think about was having my S15 idling in this pit garage getting ready to go on track and fighting oversteer around the flowing course.

This S15 hit the nail on the head for interior additions. Its stock enough to have all comforts an S15 provides yet modified enough to do battle in safety. The Nardi “deep corn” wheel, extra meters, Cusco cage with pillar bracing, BRIDE ZIEGIII seat with super high bolsters all complemented the car so well.

Other cars included this S14, styling was a little drift orientated but the car seemed to lap East corse fairly straight.

A bit of rear quarter damage didnt stop this driver from fitting big semi slicks, a good hammering will make the biggest rubber fit!

Early civic looked great on Meister rims and sounded brilliant.

Another front wheel drive car was this Toyota Yaris, it benifited greatly from the Blitz “twin screw” Supercharger. The ultimate shopping trolley!!

Hope everyone enjoyed this little “grip” post, engineeredtogrip?

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  1. Any more pics of the EF9 civic its looks real good


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