Japan Day 11 – FCs at Ebisu

Its day 11 on our trip in Japan and we returned to Ebisu to see what was going on. This pair of FC RX7s caught our attention immediatly and i knew i had to shoot some photos for ETS.  

We were blown away with the level that this RX7 was on, just an ordinary day at Ebisu, you never know what you will see. 

Im taking some styling tips of this for my ute, the blue tint in particular!!

It had no trouble tearing up school course, the sound was incredible.

The red FC was incredibly clean, the driver seemed like a very very orginised person. The spare wheels were in colour matched bags, his tools were all in little red boxs and the car was just spotless.

It showed no signs of age, the interior was perfect!

Top mount intercooler was a dissapointment but it still performed very well. For all those Rotor heads reading (yes you Matt) i hope you enjoyed this post!!

  1. RX7’s look kind of strange without a LS2 sitting in the bay now. i dont know if i like the originals anymoree 🙂

    • Its called cheating, 🙂 LS2 is CHEATING haha

  2. Its not an ls2! its an L76 and has better heads than an ls2!

    asif its cheating! its just re-engineering hahah

    like the diff in my car. i m going to need to re-engineer that when the 850nm’s tears it apart ahha

    ill have to take you for a spin nigel when its done!


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