Japan Day 10 – Nikko Circuit Pits Part 1

This little guy gives us the green flag to start off Tomohiro Murayama’s D1 invitational day at Nikko Circuit. This was possibly the best day of the trip for me, theres something about Nikko circuit that made me feel complete. The style of cars, the aggressive driving and friendly atmosphere really set this place apart from others.   

The pit area was basically full, the warm Autumn day made it a popular wednesday at Nikko circuit.

You never know what you will be confronted by when you walk in the pits at Nikko, this Altezza was still NA and doing very well.

It always good to see something different.

Speaking of different, this C35 Laurel runs a BMW face.

S15 dash and console

A super smooth RB26 that was making 500ps

A paint job that looked good from a far but far from good upclose. Such a stylish sedan with a mix of parts that seem to work quiet well. Top marks for originality 

All the action will be coming up after i get through all the cars in the pits.

There wasnt a single moment in Japan when i missed home, but everytime i saw a red 180 i would miss my cars.

It looked as though it was freshly rebuilt, low tune motor sounded great and reminded me of my car when it was still lowmount.

after backing it into the bank it didnt look to fresh

A few repairs later and it was back out on track, thats the spirit!!

Parting the sea of red was this S15

He later backed it into the bank and did a fair amount of rear end damage.

This S14 hit the nail on the head in terms of styling, unlike everyone else i still prefer the later model “kouki”

The Advans on the rear reminds me of the Vertex demo S14

Red, it just works

Love the addicted sticker, not to mention the Street Junkies who must be local to the Nikko area.

The little boy from the first post was here with his dad, the owner of this S14

No matter what dad was up to he wanted to be a part of it. Imagine being exposed to drifting at such a young age? I cant even imagine what the sport would be like if i was exposed to it at that age.

Ill leave you with a shot of the power maker, so many more cars and action from day 10 at Nikko to go.

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