Japan Day 10 – Car Spotlight SB Corp S15 and S13

These two cars couldnt be left for another post, they deserved their own.

Yes its been abused, yes its rough but dam it has style!

Im not going to bore you with details, just look at the pics.

This tunnel runs under the freeway that passes Nikko, it was a sight ill remeber for a while seeing this S15 cruise through it.

Struggling to make it over the tiny speedhump

With the essentialls covered under the bonnet, the usuall breathing upgrades and oil cooler were added.

Custom knuckles and Nikko go hand in hand.

It was on track the entire day, doing really well.

Simple interior mods to get the job done a lot easier



And more stickers, love the “small nissan single” sticker

why not throw in a few more!

The fuel filler flap, i told you ETS was drift life in detail!!

His angle after the flick was always huge!

Gripping around the back for a fast run on to the straght

Dont forget that bumper!! 

His friend owned an S13 that was also worth a look.

It also had the rough but perposful vibe about it. 

Running similar modifications

His driving wasnt as advanced as his friends but he did very well.

Managing to do a similar “remove the bumper mid corner” technique

Two cars that left an impression on us at Nikko, hope you enjoyed getting a better look at them.

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  1. I remember seeing the S15 on speedhunters and many complained the car looked like crap…
    Some people cannot understand the happy medium that is a driver who has style, but is not afraid to drive like a MAN!

  2. Gyear! s15’s all day in every way.. Love it

    Reminds me of why and how i drive mine..


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