ETS Drift Ute – Framework begins

While im waiting on my Racetech Chromo tube i thought i would make the floor and front rails so the tube can tie in to these points.

As you can see i removed more of the factory bulky original window/firewall support. Im going to rebrace this area and give the new firewall that will be connected to the chassis somewhere to seal to.

Now ive got the option to move the motor back another 100mm…. this presents plenty of problems that will require a custom sump, custom x memeber, custom steering rack mounts, custom engine mounts, the shifter will be too far back and a host of other things. Is it worth it? Maybe its something i could do later on down the track?

Now i really need a few things to keep going with the project. Seats, bedsides panels, pedal box, my chromoly tube, a tig welder, a tube notcher ect ect. Goodbye $$