ETS Drift Truck or Ute? – The beginning

Drift truck or drift ute? That is the question…. Anyway whatever its called heres an introduction to the build that you will be seeing from time to time on this site.

In the announcement you may have read ive had this vision for a long time. I built a hilux minitruck sometime ago for daily driving, i spent a year building it and it turned out really nice. I sold it a while ago and it left a hole that needed to be filled.

All i needed was a cabin. I wanted the shape to be an 98-05 model hilux single cab. You would have seen thousands around our roads everyday. I found one in Sydney from a guy who started to build a hilux drag car.

Because of the spaceframe idea the cabin only needed to be a bare outer skin, something to hold windows, doors and panels. I didnt waste any time getting the cutting out of the way.

Can you see the cuts? Thats because i always use 1mm disks on a 5ich grinder, it means less work and a neater cut.

It peels apart leaving a light weight outer skin.

Why didnt i brace it before cutting it apart? Simple, this body section will remain like this, it will be removable leaving the spaceframe, floor, firewall, pedals steering coloumn, making it look like something you would see at the speedway.

It will stay white, with gunmetal grey cage, black BRIDE seats, grey bumpers and 04 grille and clear headlights/corner lights. Tailights will remain factory and ill be using a metal rear tub with everything cut out of it. I plan on having the battery, an electric water pump, radiator, fuel cell, fuel pumps, surge tank, oil tank all in the tub.

Wheel choice wont be BEE*R, wont be Driftmaster it will be

TE37s possibly in gun metal grey

This will be a huge project, something that will start relatively slow and gain momentum, i dont have huge finances to complete it in a short timeframe and i want to concentrate on driving the 180SX in drift comps, getting an S15 ready for Sprint driving, heading to Japan again and all the other stuff going on right now. What i will be doing is getting it to the rolling stage by completing all of the fabrication work myself then assesing my options when it comes to the expensive part of fittings, motor, gearbox, ect ect.