Springnats Shepparton Weekend

This weekend was Sheppartons springnats in windy cold central Victoria, known for its worldclass burnout cars and big bore V8s my good friend Lukey Luke and i mixed some small bore action in and the results was fantastic.

After recieveing some new guards off MAD automotive in Adeliade thursday night i now had a car that looked fairly “together” the tow to Shepparton from my place is a good 4 hour drive and the traffic and weather made it even longer.

Once we arrived we set up our shed, we shared with team Extreme, an awesome bunch of guys all with supercharged methanol burnout cars producing well over 1000hp each.

Coming to an event like this and talking to the guys who build and use these cars is a great experiance, i have a lot of repect for these guys, the sheer noise and violonce of these cars has to be seen to be believed.

Jhonny Tavernas wild Falcon always puts on a strong show, every time the car hits the skidpan its full of people, in fact ive never seen the car not do a burnout withought a car load. Jhonnys son is a character aswell, hes mad into drifting and loves coming in the car with me.

These are the “good wheels” they dont get used very often, the guys opt for 15 inch wheels with 4wd tyres to get the smoke happening.

This holden ute was a standout for me, why? It was neat but under the bonnet was what i was into. The motor is lifted straight from a sprintcar chassis, dry sump, mechanical injection, and a build cost of well over $75,000 these motors can be found floating around for reasonable prices.  This one set the owner back $15000 and makes a clean 750hp, imagine that in your tube frame drift car project, hmmm ideal!!

Heres my partner in crime Lukey having a chat with Matthew, Matthew runs a simulater that is worth having a shot at, its the most real life simulator ive ever driven. Lukey Luke is the best stunt rider in the country and is also a nice guy to talk to. He put on a great show all weekend and im glad i didnt run over him.

Ill finish up with this pic of a young fan sitting on top of the triumph, shows like this run all around the country and have a great family feel to them, it opens up peoples eyes to the joys of motorsport and allows entrants to use their car in a safe enviroment and mingle with likeminded people. Overall it was a great weekend, my heads throbbing from the hangover and ive breathed in enough methanol to last me till christmas. Id like to thank Lukey from LLStunts for having me and allowing drift to be seen by different crowds of people.

  1. Great lil wrap up Nige! Good read… Thankyou for joining me on the weekend, you did a great job mate and i thoroughly enjoyed working with you, i have a feeling this is just the beginning!!
    As for the shinannegans, they were fun too! Some good times and looking forward to having you along next year for many more!

    Thanks for not running me over! 😉


  2. I like to ride two wheelers. It’s very easy to move in the traffic.I used to enjoy long drive with friends.

  3. Your car looks great next to steves!! great read!!


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