Japan Day 5 – Trek to Fuji

Day 5 friday brought on another perfect Autumns day in Tokyo, today was going to be a quiet day, we all wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle that was Tokyo so we decided to head to Mount Fuji but more specifically Fuji Speedway.

Wherever we were heading there was always something interesting along the way.

I was pretty happy about washing my hair for the first time on the trip, that makes it 5 times for the year haha!

The further we went the city started dissapearing behind us, i always enjoy a tree change.

An RX8 goes by, its lightweight wheels are a welcome change of 22inch chrome rims that people fit on them back home.

They even have JDM Deer

Highways head through mountains, notice the electronic roadwork man? His arm has an electronic motor fitted to it so it swings up and down, they had LEDs all over them and looked great at night.

Such a perfect day to drive throught the country side, i was just annoyed i wasnt in a 450ps S15, theres always a next time.

Yes japan, YES!!

The excitement grew

A typhoon passed through Japan a week before we were there, seems it did some damage to the road, we decided to do a U turn.

Whats that sign say? No way thats not THE Tomei Sports is it?

Yes it is,  Tomei Sports is the chassis side of Tomei Powered, this shop started business in the late 60s and has produced chassis and hand made parts to suit all kind of race cars for over 30 years. There were sheds everywhere but to come unanounced with 9 people was a bit rude so we kept heading to Fuji Speedway

Just look at that 1927 Bugatti T37C, the red car next to it was a 1949 Osca MT4.
Next post Fuji Speedway and the exciting stuff we found there, how i love Japan.

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