Japan Day 3 – The action of MSC

We have seen the cars inside and out, now its time to see the action.

I was nearly in tears with excitement of actually seeing an MSC round in the flesh, then to hear, see and smell the cars tearing up the Mobara ashphalt it was something really special. 

You cant go past a big 6 cyl 4 door for smoke


Big spacers on big wheels mean big wheel movement, check the lack of clearance to the firewall on the magician S14

Fire retardant beanies seem to be compulsary at Japanese drift events

Sign141 had a 3 car team

Neat S14 ran consistantly

This S15 retired early in the day due to a crash, more on that later

NA AE86 had a hard time due to the long corner favouring big power, apparently they are scored differntly which is good to see

Another one to retire early was this R32 4 door, a broken 3rd gear meant he was out for the day although the Magician boys brought in a replacement S13 to compete in the team battle

Carrying this angle at this section of the corner meant you got the entry spot on, the cars powered hard through the corner

This big JZX90 touched the tires a few times, just wasnt his day

Toyota power suited the track layout

There were plenty of 90 degree plus entrys

What a perfect day

White over red, thats different

Red with white TEs, cant go wrong

Chrome tint was VIP

AE86s had to keep the line tight and revs up

The dirty rear wheel was a result of dropping off into the first corner, many cars did it over the day

This car was clean and consistant all day

The standout was this S15, check out the flake in the paint

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