Japan Day 3 – Part 1

Day 3 was set to be excitement packed, we had the Mobara Circuit MSC event on and boy it didnt dissapoint. We spotted this S14 on the way to the track. The majority of cars at events drive on the streets to and from the racetrack with their pea shooter baffles held in with vice grips. 

A neat little MX5 we spotted along the way

Some cars returning to mother nature, japan has a lot of cars that could be restored quiet easily but are just wasting away and turning into rust.

Mobara circuit was only an hour trip away but you see so much on these back streets in japan

We made it to the track and the excitement grew.

The carpark was interesting

Cool little Kei Van

Neat S14 that seemed to be setup as per typycal japanese street drift style.

Manabu Oridos JZS161 was in the carpark and Manabu was judjing the drifting.

Super clean wide body Soarer on big GTCs

Nicely styled Supra and FD next to each other

Massive rear guards on this 180 were needed to clear the super wide SSR Angle Strusse rims

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  1. Love all parts of your trip to Japan, great stuff!


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