Japan Day 2 – Part 4

We arrived at Up Garage second hand parts store, Up Garages are all over Japan and are an easy way to find those parts you may need. The carpark is always worth a look aswell.

Coilovers and springs of all sizes

Turbos aswell

Japanese VIP at its best

D1SL Option DVD on in the hire car, note the 35GTR in the background.

Fanta LA Hard Rock tastes terrific. It gets dark in Japan at around 4:30 in Autumn, off to find some accomadation

After some translation difficulties we had 2 rooms to sleep in, traditional and way better than the hire car, matty gives it the thumbs up.

  1. Looks like a successful trip. Awesome coverage too! I’ll have to ask you a bunch of questions before I head over. I know I’m gonna get lost haha!!

  2. up garage. holy shit. wow. speechless.

  3. dude whats the white car rollin on chromies?


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