Turbo in a can

So i have had an issue lately, the silvia being 100kms away and the two cars share a turbo because of shot oil seals and a chipped rear wheel on one of the TD06L2s. Ive often seen cores for sale on Ebay and i finally bit the bullet and bought one from Kando Dynamic Japan.

I was impressed with everything from the 3 day express delivery to the packaging and the extra hardware for oil drain and feed.

I cleaned up my exsisting compressor cover and remachined the inlet so its all smooth and new.

Its all back on the car and ready for the dyno again, fingers crossed everything works how it should!!

  1. apparently the kando dynamic stuff isnt made in JP but performs really well… ive almost bought their td06 setups before. would be interesting to see how this goes!!

    • I had heard that marko, ive heard more good things than bad things about there turbos. You never know unless you give them a go. For $450 im willing to try my luck. Top quality from external inspection.

      • Yeah for sure, I’ve been looking in to em for quite a while now. Plenty of info from subi/mitsi boys, barely any complaints too by the looks of it. Almost bought the L2 from them then Tims hks kit came up at a good price. Never the less, looks the goods and for that price really cant go wrong!

  2. Whats the benefit of having the AFM mounted near the throttle body Nigel?

    • Matt, its a lot nicer setup to meter the excact air entering the inlet, makes it easier to fab up an inlet pipe, also makes it easier tio drive back to the pits after a coller pipe lets go


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