Tune Night 255rwkw on 18psi

Well i forgot to remove the SD card from my PC so theres no pics of any action from the dyno session last night. As i pointed out in the last post i switched back to BP Ultimate to save some money. 

After checking the timing we couldnt even see the timing marks on the crank pully, i removed the rocker cover, checked the cam settings and Sam worked out my CAS was one tooth out of rotation. We spun it round to where it should be and set the timing to 15 degrees. An hour later and Sam gave me the all clear, the tune was done, plenty of power, no overheating, no coolant pressurizing, the smoothest dyno session ive ever had.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and highly reccomend Sam from Dr Drift for helping me out, pretty sure i would have given up long ago if it wasnt for him. Cheers mate

  1. hell yeah man, congrats !

    • Thanks Casey, cant wait for next week!!

  2. I know it’s a fish eye lens but it looks like your running alot of neg castor on your rear..

    I don’t like tunes myself.. my car leaves the tuner with more things to fix than leaving with a sweet tune. I hope to battle you some day soon.. yiew!

    • Its a really old pic, cars jacked up to get on the dyno and this was pre custom subframe so everything was wack (30mm longer traction arms)

  3. You are one very clever kid!
    Where did you get those skills from……???
    Who brought you into this world?

    • Haha, cheers mum, um you?

  4. I liked the old flares so much more… meh each to their own!

    Was a pleasure to have a smooth session!


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