Trailor Spotlight

A few people wanted to see some better photos of the trailor, this trailor is the backbone to my racecar transportation. Australia is a big country, our racetracks are spread far and wide, this trailor does more KMs than the racecar and makes life that little bit easier.

I had the frame and guards made by a friend off his trailor jig, i had the axles made with a 3inch drop in them, the tail was “bearverbacked” 3inchs, then i added some 15×6.5s in 0 offset with 195/50/15 tyres.

Ive welded on some nylon rollers as the rear touches the ground on any incline. I also added a tyre rack that holds 7 235 size wheels and tyres.


I have welded hooks onto the back of the cradle to allow for easy hook up on the tie downs, the trailor has hooks aswell.

All in all its an awesome sub $3k trailor setup thats stable, safe, easy to use and makes packing for an event or a tune so much easier

  1. Do want one for my 80!

  2. Good man! Thanks for the pics man! Where you get the rollers from? my trailer is also low down like yours! i need some. Is the tyre rack stable with the little supports?

    cheers man!

    • No problems mate, i made them, i can make you some if you want, skateboard wheels and a couple of bits of 50mm angle iron and an axle would do.

      • hey mate
        how much KG’s are your ratchet straps rated at?

        • 850kg each from memory

  3. Nigel, did you buy the trailer and modify it, or did you build it yourself? It’s so rad, and like the perfect size to pull a small car like an S-Chassis but I’ve never seen a trailer like that in the States.

    • Thanks mate, i had the frame built and then added on to it from there, i would build another from scratch if i needed to.

  4. Good lord this trailer has more fab work done to it than most kids’ cars here in the USA lol

    Such an awesome trailer dude!

  5. can u take pic with out the car

  6. is this trailer springless, or drop axled? looks awsome!


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