Removing some cost from drifting

Ive been running PowerPlus 110 race fuel, with a retune this afternoon im doing the switch back to pump fuel, $3 a litre verses $1.40 and a loss of around 15-20kw. Ill will miss that sweet sweet smell.

The trailor in the background of the pic below went through some mods aswell, i was sick of having to jack the towball to allow the car to slide off it scrape free, i ditched the 18inch wheels in favour of the 15inch you see pictured. I also added some 30mm lowering blocks. Now the rollers on the rear come in very handy.

  1. no race fuel. not happy mate. power is mad. the more the beter

    • Ha!! I now have 55 litres of PP 110 for ya, ill be at sams tonight if ya bored, ill have it with me so bring the ute down!!

  2. Got more pics of the trailer nigel? i need ideas for mine! its mega low down!

    • Ill take one for ya soon mate, ill do a spotlight on the trailor haha

  3. Having problems commented when linked with my fb account, but yeah..

    Good to see the car is back together again.. New header tank worked a treat. Miss the smell of the 110, maybe sponsorship or better finances down the track will provide such luxuries again…

    • Cheers Sam, i miss the sweet sweet 110 smell aswell. Thanks for the tune, really really happy!!


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