One day in 2009

Before i decided to make my own wheel alignment jig up i had a local workshop do my alignments. The guys were great and it was my only chance to get the car on a hoist and look over the underside before an event.  This was a typical pre meet prep day in mid 2009.

It meant getting a permit and driving it to work followed by a trip through the city, its fair to say that it turned many heads crruising the local streets

Then a picture under my local bridge on the way home.

  1. would be snappin’ necks! looks sick nestled amongst the magna’s/camry’s/bmw’s in the car park

  2. If you don’t mind, would you be able to post up some pictures and a how-to for your alignment jig? It would be very interesting to see.

    Top blog and craftsmanship, keep it up.

  3. Hey, I live in Geelong aswell and i was just wondering what workshop you had your wheel alingment done?

    • I do them myself, i would reccomend ballarine street Tyre Plus, they are the best around.


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