Dai Yoshihara

Theres one S13 that stands out to me in the FD field.  It covers all the bases and while it is a pro level car it can be emulated with skill and not a huge amount of money. When removing weight you improve nearly every aspect of a drift car.

Open archs make life easier on the fabricator and mechanic.

While we are at it heres something Scorch Racing Japan (find them in my blogroll) came up with. While this is a drag car and would need some more stiffening of the strut towers to be a circuit/ drift car it another take on the simple tube front end.

Keep your eyes peeled for my S15 V1 tube front in the next post

  1. I really hope you’re not talking about the engine, but more the tube chassis.

    Just checkin.

    • You mean the motors not budget? Well maybe not budget but compared to the $$$ in FD its not “ungettable” like most. My friend builds LSX motors here in Australia and i could do one cheaper than a 300KW SR thats for sure. I think anything wet sump is budget though haha. Teddy ill add you to the blogroll, new wheels look killer, any of your friends you want to have on the roll? Take care mate.

  2. Here’s a couple of ideas for you too mate, they seem to get into the tube work in the states a bit more

    • Loving it, my next project will be tube city! Theres a point where a car can become a super sedan haha. No clay for me.

  3. yeh I know i’m half way through my 180 now, and already have big ideas for another one, it just never stops.

  4. No, I was just saying how LAME V8s are.

    That’s all.

    If you wanna add the Mulsanne blog, the url is http://mulsanne.wordpress.com

    Thanks mate!


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