Repairing the Quaife – Preparing for Geelong Revival


After having so much fun inside the car at QLD Matsuri, then WTAC the week after I was starting to notice that the Quaife QBE69G wasnt performing like it used too. When I got home I lifted the Hilux up on its air jacks to give it a clean out. As you can see it… Continue reading

WTAC 2014 – 4th time lucky

_B0V9382 copy

WTAC has been an institution for me, for the Hilux its been a display of personal progression, the first time I took it 10 hours up the Hume highway was in 2011, it was a chassis, 4 wheels and not a lot else, I remember towing it home in the rain, on an open trailer… Continue reading

QLD Matsuri 2014

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Matsuri: Japanese word for festival, "kono matsuri wa omoshiroi desu ne" translation: this festival is interesting isn't it? It is interesting, having been to Japan and witnessed a Matsuri at Ebisu circuit, then twice here in QLD, I can honestly say its the closest version Australia has to the real thing. QLD Drift Matsuri encases… Continue reading

Tour of NZ – Hampton Downs


So this was it, the day that I had dreamed of since the very beginning. Azhar had orginised the racetrack and with Gary's guidance I had the whole place to myself, it doesn't get much better than that. I wouldn't be alone on this day though, it was a special day for Matt as the… Continue reading