Repairing the Quaife – Preparing for Geelong Revival


After having so much fun inside the car at QLD Matsuri, then WTAC the week after I was starting to notice that the Quaife QBE69G wasnt performing like it used too. When I got home I lifted the Hilux up on its air jacks to give it a clean out. As you can see it… Continue reading

WTAC 2014 – 4th time lucky

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WTAC has been an institution for me, for the Hilux its been a display of personal progression, the first time I took it 10 hours up the Hume highway was in 2011, it was a chassis, 4 wheels and not a lot else, I remember towing it home in the rain, on an open trailer… Continue reading

Dream Build Drive – Premier Night at Boom Gallery

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Well last night was amazing, with big thanks to Boom gallery we made our documentary come to life, it was really important to us that we had a night dedicated to the documentary's release and we made the most of it with over 100 family and friends in attendance it was really something special. Thanks… Continue reading

ETS Drift Ute – In action


In the last post I outlined all the prep-work that went into this drive, being its first "in public" drive I thought its only fair that I bring you some in car footage, as the final stages of the Dream Build Drive documentary get pieced together this will act as a teaser for whats to… Continue reading

ETS Drift Ute – Pre Jamboree Prep


As I flew out of Melbourne AUS bound for Wellington NZ I knew what work had to be done on the Hilux that was sitting in the STM workshop. There were three major jobs that needed to be done. The diff: After breaking a driveshaft during the filming of Dream Build Drive at Hampton Downs… Continue reading